Rose Quartz Yoni Egg | S, M, L Available
Rose Quartz Yoni Egg | S, M, L Available

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg | S, M, L Available


Discreet Packaging.

Rose Quartz:
Self Love, Sexual Trauma.

Larger eggs are recommended for beginners.
As you work on your pelvic floor and your muscles strengthen you can upgrade to a smaller stone.

Larger eggs are recommended for beginners and smaller eggs are for more experienced yoni egg users. We suggest that you start with a large egg and work your way down to the small egg. 

The method of using Yoni Eggs dates back to Ancient China where it is said that Empresses and Concubines of the Emperor would use Yoni Eggs to improve pelvic strength and awaken their inner sensuality!

The Benefits:

A strong pelvic floor:

Reduces risks of a prolapse.
Improves bladder and bowel control
Improves recovery from childbirth.
Increases sexual sensation and heightens the sensation of an orgasm And aside from keeping those pelvic floor muscles nice and strong.

Yoni Eggs are also said to:

Calm and Soothe
Heighten Spiritual Awareness Assist with trauma stored in the womb Increase vaginal lubrication Reduce PMS symptoms such as cramping

Using Crystal Yoni tools also provide a great opportunity to really get to know yourself on an intimate and sacred level. You can use your wand as a playful way to explore and strengthen your connection with your Yoni and with yourself or with a partner and you can use your eggs as a way to stay grounded and connect to the strength and the power of your Yoni.

It is also important that they are being placed into healthy yoni’s with well balanced and healthy bacteria!