Air - Elemental Soy Candle
Air - Elemental Soy Candle

Air - Elemental Soy Candle

A gorgeous blend of Cedar and Saffron.

This beautiful candle is infused with Air stone Apophyllite and Clear Quartz to amplify the vibrations of Apophyllite.

This candle is a beautiful blend with the powers of apophyllite working to heighten your spirit and lift your vibes right up. The clear Quartz clears negative energy and amplifies intentions and manifestations. The perfect candle for any home.

Comes with Safety instructions and a Care Guide.

Burn time: Up to 45 hours

THE SIGNS: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

  ** Each candle contains natural stones - each candle will be unique and may not look exactly like the one pictured due to the nature of crystals.

Hand Poured by Sol Aurora
Design and Crystals by Sister and Stone
Exclusive to Sister and Stone