COMING TOGETHER - The Community and the Koalas.

Warning - This post and it's content may be upsetting.

During this crisis Meraki sees that the communities and the wildlife of Australia are needing the assistance of all communities across Australia and outside of Australia more than ever. 15% of ALL purchases in the upcoming weeks will go towards the below 2 Organizations which have made incredible efforts so far.

Please bare in mind the following post has links to both organizations and you can donate directly!

To find out what other ways you can contribute, please see this link.


See below for some information regarding the Current Fires: (as of Nov 13 2019)

  • There are fears as many as 350 koalas have perished with approximately 75% of the fire ground footprint being prime koala habitat.
  • A state of emergency was declared in on Monday in NSW and remains in place.
  • Greater Sydney, Greater Hunter and Illawarra/Shoalhaven continue to face “catastrophic fire danger”;
  • NSW Police are now investigating seven suspicious fires across the state;
  • Up to 50 homes were damaged or destroyed by fires yesterday (12/11/19);
  • 83 fires are burning in NSW, 36 of which are not contained;
  • 61 fires are burning in Queensland. 11 are at Watch and Act level. 
  • Residents in four areas in Queensland have been urged to leave.
  • Hundreds of schools across both states remain closed today

 "Bushfires have wiped out about half of the koalas living on a coastal reserve in New South Wales" experts estimated on Friday, as a record number of intense fires rage around the Australian state."
- The Irish Times.

Organization #1 - SALVATION ARMY
LINK to the organisations main fundraising page.
Please donate directly to the cause if possible!

The organizations SAES teams have been activated at multiple locations, with a number of teams on standby ready to activate should they be required at other evacuation centres.

Salvation Army teams are providing meals to evacuees and frontline responders, and will continue to provide whatever support is needed as the situation develops.


Organization #2 + #3 - PORT MACQUARIE KOALA HOSPITAL & Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

LINK to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital
Please donate directly to the cause if possible!

"There are fears as many as 350 koalas have perished with approximately 75% of the fireground footprint being prime koala habitat.  Any surviving koalas will be brought into the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital for assessment and treatment.

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital would like to raise money to purchase and distribute automatic drinking stations which will assist in helping koala and wildlife survival. 

Money raised will be used to distribute the drinking stations in the fire affected region. If enough money is raised, it will distribute to other significant koala habitat areas across the State.

With rising temperatures and increasingly dry conditions worsening across the State, access to water is essential for survival."

“Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is one of the busiest wildlife hospitals in the world, admitting over 11,500 patients each year. We rely on community donations to support our hospital which works tirelessly to treat, rehabilitate and release our native wildlife.”

Our Thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families and communities that have been affected by this devastating event.

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