RE-BRAND ALERT! Goodbye Meraki Jewels! HELLO Sister and Stone!

Hey Sisters!

Today we began our transition to our NEW NAME “Sister and Stone” and we are SO SO EXCITED!

If you aren't on our socials and didn’t already know why — here it is!

Simply put! we felt like Meraki Jewels didn’t represent us anymore.

Meráki Jewels was meant to be a jewellery business - but it’s grown into more than that and will continue to grow into more! 

We needed a name that would grow with us, we needed a name that represents our mission and our core values — crystals, community, sisterhood and healing!

We couldn’t connect to our business anymore, so we needed to switch it up and make it TRULY our own again. Recently , we have felt our passion reignite TENFOLD! 

We thank you all for your support during this transitional period!

We know change is scary, but as the saying goes, you cannot grow if you do not evolve and change!

Much Love, Eternally.
Tay x

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