Yoni Collection | You want me to put a WHAT in my WHERE?

I know, I know.. how scary am-i-riiiight?

Shoving an Egg up your YOU know might feel super scary and quite frankly, a bit crazy! But let's deconstruct some stuff today, shall we ladies?

"Eggs scare me lol I would feel like a chicken???" (Mikaelah from Little Moon Crystal Co)

Lot's of us use at least one of the following: Tampons, Silicone period cups or some other wild invention! We pop em up our fannies on a monthly bases for like, what? 4-7 days? for an average of 40 years of our lives! and if you have a IUD - I mean! we leave that little dude up there for decades!

Does it really seem so crazy that you would insert an ALL NATURAL, clean, smooth and polished egg (or wand) into our Vaginas? The method dates back to waaay back in Ancient China where it is said that Empresses and Concubines (the mistresses) of the Emperor would use Yoni Eggs to improve pelvic strength and awaken their inner sensuality!

I mean, really? Think about it for a second. Not that crazy anymore, hey? Our delicious and exciting Yoni Collection, due to Launch in 2020 all will be carefully and meticulously polished and once they land on our door step they will be double and triple checked for any cracks or crevices! Your mate downstairs will thank you (and us)!

So what else, do you ask? I mean, ya! they are pretty but what do they even do?

Well, for starters, like we mentioned, they strengthen your pelvic floor muscles! (WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE) if you don't know what they are.. here is why they are important:

A strong pelvic floor:

  • Reduces risks of a prolapse.
  • Improves bladder and bowel control
  • Improves recovery from childbirth.
  • Increases sexual sensation and heightens the sensation of an orgasm (yesss baby! we are alllll down for that!)

And aside from keeping those pelvic floor muscles nice n' strong.

Our Yoni Eggs are also said to:

  • Calm and Soothe
  • Heighten Spiritual Awareness
  • Assist with trauma stored in the womb
  • Increase vaginal lubrication
  • Reduce PMS symptoms such as cramping

Using Crystal Yoni tools also provide a great opportunity to really get to know yourself on a intimate and sacred level. You can use your wand as a playful way to explore and strengthen your connection with your Yoni and with yourself or with a partner and you can use your eggs as a way to stay grounded and connect to the strength and the power of your Yoni.

Some more info

Our beautiful Collection will be made up of very hard stones (density wise) and are not particularly Porous in nature! Each of our ladies or Gents who purchase one will receive a Cleansing Guide which will go into detail on how to care for your wand or eggs to ensure they are kept germ free and squeaky clean!

Our yoni eggs are made to be placed inside the vagina, removed and cleaned thoroughly before the next use. It is also important that they are being placed into healthy yoni’s with well balanced and healthy bacteria!

We hope this post answered any questions you may of had, and if not! Please feel free to get in touch with us for any other questions you have in mind!

Thanks for reading,
Love, light, fannies and fun!

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