3 Easy techniques + Daily Rituals to help you do life

IMAGINE Being as cool as a cumber' and being able to feel chill and grounded *almost* EVERY DAY!

These techniques and rituals will help you do just that! and with all that's going on in the world I think we all need to take some time out to set some goals and intentions in order to keep focused on life on the other side of all of this chaos!

SO! In saying that, lets just jump right in!

Have you ever heard about the "Law of Attraction"??

It sounds so fancy and sciency.

Put reallllly simply, you attract into your life, what you invite into your life by your thoughts, actions, intentions and feelings.

In order to explain the next part of this post, where I will be talking about Intention Setting and Affirmations, we need to first understand why we are doing it.

Read this by Huff Post if you wanna learn more about the Law of Attraction, if you've already got an understanding, then keep reading.


Setting intentions is a great way to be sure we are focused on our goals and means we are more likely to actually achieve them! *YAAAY*

Setting an intention is specific, goal or action oriented - for example.

  • I intend to Increase my sales by "X" amount by the 1st of December, 2020 so that I can focus on my business full time and have more time to focus on my customers needs and my families needs.


  • I intend to inspire and encourage by being my authentic self.
  • I intend to make meditation a more important part of my lifestyle.
  • I intend to make yoga a more important part of my lifestyle.
  • I intend to make the people around me smile everyday.

Make sure the intentions are realistic and that it can evolve and change over time so your mind doesn't get bored of the same ol' thing everyday for weeks on end!

This then follows onto



Affirmations should support your intention. 

My biggest and hottest tip when it comes to affirmations is, you need to REALLY F E E L these affirmations!! Deep down in every cell of your body.

You can't trick the universe!!

You cannot repeat "I am surrounded by abundance" when you are staring at your over-cluttered house, surrounded by 5 overdue utility bills, thinking of your thousands of dollars of debt and feeling sad for yourself. (a little specific, huh? I've been there!)

Let your mind take you to feeling of the moment you want to be in, imagine it, and repeat your affirmations in THAT state of mind!

Try to keep your affirmations in the now. If you keep saying you will, the day may never come. Say it's happening, and it may approach sooner than you believe.

Here are some great affirmations I love!

  • I trust the decisions I make
  • I am worthy of success
  • I succeed with ease.
  • I am persistent in all that I do
  • Supportive people are attracted to me
  • I transform my obstacles into opportunities for growth
  • I am worthy of self love
  • I am surrounded by people who value me


Ahh, thing number 3! The thing we all struggle to do the most!

Now, meditation is more intensive, requires your to find some time in your day to sit in silence, or with some meditation music on.

Watch THIS guided meditation video! It's my favorite!

If you DO NOT know how to meditate confidently! Watch this for some techniques!

There is also a Part 2 and 3 that you can watch when you are confident with the skills you learnt in Part 1!

NOW! Mindfulness Practice can be done almost everywhere so it's much easier and still helps with keeping us in the present and keeping us cool, calm and grounded!

The goal? Pay attention, appreciate and focus on the current moment without judgement or fear.

Take a seat.

Focus on your breath and simply pay attention to the emotions, senses, thoughts and feelings that arise - accept and observe them without judgement, name them in your head and let it pass.

You can also do this whilst walking, when you walk, feel the earth under your shoe, the shoe under your feet, the breeze on your hair, the hair on your scalp, the breeze on your body. Notice your senses, emotions, thoughts and feelings. Again, name them in your head, breathe deeply, allow them to pass.

ANOTHER THING - You can also do some Deep Belly Breathing! To encourage a sense of calmness and help with anxious feelings and thoughts! Read my blog post about Deep Belly Breathing and its various physical and mental health benefits!! 

Let me know what you think of the above and if you already practice them or want to start below!

Cya Babes! xx 


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